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Our Why

We want to address the gap between the state of women's healthcare and how it should be.

Our focus has shifted from healthcare and wellness to four key focus areas within women's health. We collaborate with leaders in the space to design inclusive, thoughtful, and data-informed experiences.

Healthcare can feel expansive and we've found that in order to be really great at what we do, we need to narrow our focus. These areas are chosen based on industry needs, our team's areas of expertise, and where we believe we can make the biggest impact.

Equitable Access & Inclusion

According to the WHO, approximately 810
women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Product Lead and co-founder Sarah Gear is particularly passionate about this space as a woman of color with family in Egypt and Colombia who are heavily impacted by issues of access to consistent and high-quality healthcare.

Reproductive & Sexual Health

From fertility, to STI detection, to sexual wellness — we love solving the complex and often taboo problems in this space.

Our co-founder and Brand Lead Katy Atherholt is the resident advocate for all exciting developments in this space with a special focus on sex education for people of all ages and genders.

Mental Health

Despite benefitting from more open communication in the public sphere, mental health services for women can remain costly, inaccessible, and rooted in the fun "bath-bomb self care" culture. While we love a good bath bomb, we also recognize how the high stakes can be with untreated mental health issues like postpartum depression or anxiety.

In addition to contributing to projects in the space, we also donate a portion of our profits to select non-profits in this space every year.

Wellness & Holistic Health

As far back as any of us can remember, women have had to rely on a huge range of remedies and approaches to deal with health challenges. Usually due to lack of data, understanding or (at times) blatant sexism! Not ideal.

Read a piece we recently published on how beauty relates to our feeling of subjective well-being.

Having focus holds us accountable to make real change

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