A Backstage Look: Beginning Your First Design Project

Kicking off the first real design project of your organization? Check out these insights from our resident operations manager, Josephine Cahill.

September 9, 2021



A Backstage Look: Beginning Your First Design Project

As the operations manager at Moss, I care a lot about onboarding. Smooth systems which bring a client into a design engagement are critical for fostering a sense of trust, collaboration, and genuine excitement for beginning someone’s first design project.

More than that, we’re all here to create something magical, and it starts with project alignment. Great onboarding is an opportunity to ensure everyone is aligned on vision, scope, and the roadmap to success.

Everyone does onboarding differently. Some do it better than others. In my experience, the difference between a good and great onboarding experience is the core goals of the process. Ensuring that your agency’s onboarding goals align with your own is essential for the success of your first design project.

So, I'm going to give you a backstage pass into Moss's process. When you join us for your first project, here's where we'll start:

Articulating Vision

It’s easy to jump to conclusions. Sometimes it’s even useful. That isn’t the case during onboarding. At Moss, our first priority is to identify exactly what your vision is. Whether you’re looking for branding, product work, or an MVP that helps you demonstrate your value to investors, we want to start by understanding your unique goals, visions, and pain points.

Through a rigorous discovery period, careful questions, and creative workshopping, our team starts off all projects by making sure we understand you - not the generic version of what we may assume you need.

Identifying Scope

Once we understand your dream, it’s time to turn it into reality. Part of our onboarding process is dedicated to finding the intersection between your vision, timeline, and budget. By clearly articulating the project scope early, Moss ensures that your time and money provide the most needed value to your organization.

Positioning Experts

In my opinion, our greatest asset as an agency is our expert designers. Our designers bring not just their (enormous) creative skill, but their backgrounds in healthcare, STEM, and public policy. While we articulate vision and identify scope with you, we are working internally to see who within our community of designers is best positioned to create designs specific to your needs. Expertise sets everyone up for success.

Looking Ahead

Early-stage projects and companies change fast. Your team needs to stay agile to address shifting priorities, investments, and goals. Moss uses onboarding to make sure we can anticipate those shifts and stay agile alongside you. By identifying the events and milestones which are critical for you during the planning stage, our team will adjust our roadmap for your project to meet your goals on time.

By making sure that your vision and its scope are clear to everyone - and that the right designers and roadmap are positioned to execute it - Moss’ onboarding system is here to set your first design project up for success.

If you’re ready to start the process yourself, reach out to us at hello@whoismoss.com. Let’s make something interesting together.

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