Breast Cancer Risk Assessment




April 21 - June 21

The Client

Gabbi, a digital health platform increasing early breast cancer detection to save women’s lives. It assesses a woman’s risk through cutting-edge AI, then acts as a guide, empowering her to take the actions she needs to take control of her breast health. It’s all about girls helping their girls. We're big fans.


The Challenge

The Gabbi team had a life saving idea. Now it was time to bring it to life. Gabbi needed a strategic branding readjustment, UX/UI for web and mobile, and new illustrations. Their design needed to strike the balance between fun and sensitive. A user needs to feel excited to take control of their health so that they stick with it. They also need to be acknowledged for the gravity of feelings that an issue like breast cancer can bring up.

“I love Moss’ collaborative and responsive practice. We consistently add changes so it's nice that Moss keeps up with our back and forth and on the spot necessities.” - Ashmitha Rajendran

Results and Next Steps

The Solution

Moss was here to help. We built quizzes for the risk assessment and self breast exam results which were smooth, educational, and fun. Based on the results of these, we built an action plan for the user (what should I do?), and tracking (how do I do that?). We were still left with the question of engagement. How do we show users the importance of staying on top of their action plan? The answer was community. Moss built a community platform into the app which allowed users to share their experiences, diagnoses, and ask for questions and support when they needed it. We think we did pretty well. Click here to see if you agree.