Healthcare for Gig Workers


Revive Healthcare


October 20 - March 21

The Client

A full-service healthcare platform which helps folks get control of their health through simple, affordable, and accessible care. They have healthcare for freelancers, employers, associations, and alliances. From medical, pharmaceutical, mental and wellness care - Revive has it all.

Enrollment Flows

The Problem

ReviveHealth was rolling out a membership system. Revivers who used their service needed to be able to enroll, join the platform, and see what benefits being a Reviver would grant them. When a Reviver had a question about their coverage, they knew where to go, and trusted Revive to give them the right answer quickly. It was a tall order.

Payment Flow

The Solution

Moss stepped in to build wireframes, then flows and screens for a website that was empathetic, simple, and builds trust. Our team’s deep background in STEM came in handy as we translated the complex jargon of insurance into buttons and systems which anyone could understand. We gamified insurance in the best way, by showing users their progress as they leveled up from enrollment to onboarding to using their plan to stay their Healthiest. We designed dashboards, welcome kits and one-pagers for mobile and web. Our design approach was as holistic as Revive’s healthcare offerings.