Heidi Hoeberechts

Illustrator, Designer


Heidi is a designer and illustrator who creates eye-catching content for businesses that exist at the intersection of technology and wellness. In her spare time she makes fine art that is displayed in galleries around Vancouver, BC.



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This week, in a collaboration between Moss and The Healthcare Club of New York, Sarah gave a virtual talk on The Science of Design. Sarah is a co-founder of Moss, product design lead, and a former healthcare professional.


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Women's Health

How is beauty related to health?

According to multiple studies, people with a positive view of themselves (SWB) tend to sleep better, eat well, and even seek guidance from health professionals more frequently. Overall, they’re taking better care of themselves. This can go as far as adding years onto their lives.


Considering Our Why

Within healthcare and wellness spaces, it is well known that women are not taken as seriously, often misunderstood, or even accused of making up how we feel. Many clinical studies and methodologies are done only on men. The same results are assumed for the vastly different female anatomy. Looking deeper, other factors like race, ethnic background, and socioeconomic status make accessing high-quality healthcare even more challenging for women.

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