Pet Insurance Made Simple
Born out of the love for his dog, Buster, CEO Rusty Sproat launched Figo, the first technology-based pet insurance company based in Chicago.

With the urban pet parent in mind, Figo aims to make pet insurance easy to understand and give them the all in one fur-child utility in the palm of their hand.
Product Audit
Design System Foundation
Desktop Design
Mobile Onboarding
UX & Product Design
Sarah Gear
Creative Direction & Photography
Javier Solorio
Illustrations & Iconography
Amie Kesler
The Challenge
After their initial iOS app launch, Figo looked to improve the user experience by creating a more consistent look and feel from the mobile to desktop.
Our Solution
To best understand Figo's needs, we performed an audit of all their digital consumer-facing sites and products. This allowed us to give them a fresh perspective and heuristic analysis of where they stand. It also allowed us to pinpoint areas where consistency was lacking and identify the Figo brand. 

As a foundation for Figo to scale, we developed their design system's base components that outlined the typeface and scale, colors, buttons, and form fields. This helped them identify areas within their ecosystem that needed updating to push consistency across all touchpoints.

The current desktop site was one area that needed work to match the mobile app experience. With the app as a guideline for what the desktop site required to exhibit, we conducted short interviews with the customer service teams to better understand where the experience could improve.

Lastly, as the product scales and reaches a broader audience, Figo wanted us to help create an onboarding flow that would set future users up and personalize their experience.
Client Feedback
Javier Solorio
Creative Director
Had the honor of working with Sarah extensively on a comprehensive 6-month design project in Chicago. Can’t recommend her enough for not only her design and technical skills, but her dedication to understanding our users, and caring for accessibility meant we could evolve our platform beyond surface level, ultimately elevating our competitive advantage, and increasing customer retention. Awesome personality that contributed so much to our team, we miss Sarah (and her pups) very much!